In the field of Engineering and Construction, a Technical Project is the set of memory, plans, schemes and calculations used to define in a paper and digital format the conditions of an installation, work, manufacture, assembly or machine. The objective of the project is to study and clarify whether or not it is possible to carry out the proposed task, both from a technical, functional, regulatory or economic point of view.     


We also offer the possibility of carrying out the project in BIM (Building Information Modeling), with the advantages that this entails:


We offer to our clients the service of realization of the Technical Project and the Technical Direction for the construction, commissioning, registration, registration and legalization before the competent bodies of the following facilities:     


We have extensive experience in the field of technical installations and in addition to writing the technical documentation we can manage the entire construction process taking care of the selection of companies and professionals to offer their customers the best option at the lowest cost.