We carry out the Project Monitoring. This service consists of controlling costs and deadlines for a project.


Through this service that uses its own methodologies, our clients know periodically (normally monthly, after each certification) two parameters of the project:     


1. The costs that are being produced in real time and their projection at the end of the project comparing them with respect to the of the project, determining which are the differences of the real units with respect to those of the project and making an estimate of the final cost.     


2. The temporary situation of work activities in real time and their projection at the end of work, comparing them with contractual terms, estimating the activities and the end date of the work.


This type of service is equivalent to an audit and is requested by Properties or Banking Entities that they need to know with maximum objectivity the situation of a project in terms of deadlines and costs, as well as the Compliance expectations of both parameters.     


Unlike Project Management / Integral Project Management, in this case there is no intervention direct in the management of the project, although periodic visits are made and all visits are attended work and meetings of the optional management