It offers the possibility of contracting turnkey works, for which it plans, develops, manages, directs,     executes and delivers to the property completely finished works, thus ensuring quality in the     detail from its creation to its material execution.     In the contracting of turnkey works we assume the management and coordination of all the necessary steps     (project, licenses, etc.), for customer satisfaction in term, quality and scope.     The hiring of a turnkey work presents for the client the advantage of being able to hire and deal with a     only interlocutor who is fully responsible for the development of the work (project, licenses, etc.),     relations with the different agents involved (companies, official bodies, etc.), procedures,     legalizations, etc.   


    This type of service is performed in commercial premises, homes, and industrial warehouses. All this allows     design and execute the work adapting fully to the needs of the client always with the maximum     professionalism, seriousness and rigorously complying with the deadlines and the price initially closed.   

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