We carry out the Project Management. Through this service our clients they contract so that we manage a concrete project guaranteeing its delivery in time, costs and quality as established before its inception and making us the central element of control and organization of all agents involved in its development, assuming the functions of Project Manager during the work execution.


Applying our own methodologies, through the Integral Project Management we elaborate the project life cycle in its entirety, from the beginning of it until its completion through the intermediate stages of Planning, Execution and Control and Change Management.     


Regardless of the nature and purpose of the project or work, we carry out the study, planning, optimization and control of the entire process from the conception of the initial idea presented by the client until its materialization. Within this work methodology, some of the activities we develop are:     



1. Feasibility analysis


It is carried out before the start of the activity in a place, building, plot, etc. starting at specs given by the client and offers the following as a result:


2. Project Writing


Once the starting data and design requirements have been validated and after the acceptance of the offer by the Customer, we guarantee the delivery of your projects within the stipulated time frame.     


The drafting of projects and technical documentation is carried out through a detailed engineering process adjusted to the client's requirements, thereby achieving a high degree of definition of each of the units of works and therefore limiting from the origin the possible deviations of the parameters, quality, costs, technical characteristics, etc., which are decisive in achieving the objective.     


3. Start of the Project


For the implementation of the project execution, we offer the customer as the first step in the process of execution, the possibility of managing the following activities:



4. Project Execution


During the execution of the project, we develop the following functions:



5.Change control


This activity is required during the entire life cycle of the project, from its beginning to its completion and in she carried out the study and registration of the modifications on the initially projected with the correspondent Impact analysis at the economic level, of execution, deadlines and on the final result, informing and agreeing with him customer acceptance thereof


6.Closure of the Project


As a last step prior to achieving the initially set objective, we take care of:


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