Picture of Enric
Enric López Vila
Industrial Engineer
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Andreu López Silva
Industrial Engineer
Picture of Nelida
Nélida López Silva

In KINEA we consider it very important that our clients know our essential values ​​of action, which are based on the following fundamental points:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our commitment includes providing the best service to our customers. We believe that the key to our success is to know them and put ourselves in their place to be able to offer them exactly what they need at all times through a combination of good judgment, thorough knowledge, a fast, efficient and fully available service.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to excellence through continuous improvement of our professional practice and our know-how, seeking the contribution of specific innovative solutions for each client.

INDEPENDENCE: Our premise is to act independently from the different parties involved, guaranteeing objectivity and transparency in all areas of action.

TEAM WORK: We believe that in order to achieve the best we must work together with our clients and the other agents involved, in order to optimize the results.

COMMITMENT: Our reason for being is our clients, so we consider it essential to put ourselves in their place and advise them on the different alternatives in each case, finally committing ourselves to the solution that the client considers most appropriate to their interests.

PROFITABILITY: Our goal is for the client to obtain the highest return on their investments, providing alternatives, controlling the established budget, meeting the pre-established conditions in the service and with the desired level of quality.

Our purpose is to achieve the objectives of our clients .